by Stine Lee



It was first in my adulthood that I discovered I could someting with ink and paper. Through practise I taught myself to draw in my own style and quickly it became a passion of mine. 

Today I'm living and working in Copenhagen. I specialize in print designs, poster designs, logos, shirt designs, private commissions and business inquiries. Former clients include Global Inheritance, Chameleon Pens and Facebook. 



My inspiration come from nonhuman lifeforms, as they put my mind at ease. I have always been fascinated with animals and nature so it felt natural for me that this is what I wanted to put on paper. I love interpreting the beauty of nature with my pens. 


Highly detailed illustrations is what I strive for. The attention to details and the concentration it takes to make up and draw detailed patterns makes me forget about my surroundings and the everyday struggles I may have in my life. Creating with my pens makes me happy and I guess this has become my form of mindfullness.